Issue 43 of The CRYPTMag is now out

Date 30-Apr-2006 8:21:11
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Issue 43 of your favourite online magazine is now out at -

With a change of Editor (due to injury and heavy workload) The Ferret
once again steps up to the keyboard to lead a rejuvenated Staff into a
new era of your favourite online magazine.

So what do we have for you in this issue?

Baz brings you a look into the future of train travel.
Chris takes a look at the history of the AEC bus company.
Francis takes a look at his favourite Dr Who websites.
Ferret writes about the Forgotten Braveheart.
Ian Urie brings a variety of articles including free music to download,
plus a look at Google maps.

We take a look at retro computing with Atari and Commodore C64 consoles
to plug in your TV. There are many articles about all things computing
including Mandriva tips.

Ferret brings you a host of cooking recipes with his favourite tipple,
whisky. We have a start of a new regular section, reviews of Movies and

All this and plenty of jokes and japes to keep you happy for hours.

Check out the new issue, you won`t regret it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue as we feature Amiga articles.

Steve Evans

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