Wookiechat 2.1 now available.

Date 30-Apr-2006 18:14:01
Topic: Software News

Wookiechat, the most updated IRC chat client for AmigaOS, has reached version 2.1

Download Wookiechat 2.1 from Here

"No need to waste time configuring wookiechat, just download and go, within a few clicks, you could be automatically entering Amigaworld's chat channel and chatting to other amigaword members in real-time, practically instantly!"

Read more for update info.

May 1st 2006 - WookieChat 2.1 - I've fixed a serious bug thats existed for a long time without me realising it. A work buffer wasnt the correct size, and memory was getting trashed when a lot of traffic was coming in fast (like when displaying a large MOTD while connecting to a server) but this has now been fixed. Also, other misc crashes have been fixed here and there, the number of users in the channel is now displayed in the window titlebar, the ZiRC network's new usermodes are supported now, and a few other tweaks have been made. (See the changelog.txt in the archive for more details)

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