Sony PS3 confirmation details!

Date 9-May-2006 9:37:43
Topic: Hardware News

The new PlayStation 3 (PS3) will hit Japanese stores on 11 November, with the US and Europe following less than a week later, Sony has announced.

The console will be available in two versions starting at $499 (394 euros).

The PS3 controller will include Bluetooth technology for wireless play with the addition of USB cables to wire the controller for recharging.

Although the most astonishing of thing about the controller that was announced at the pre-E3 press confrence was the inclusion of a six-axis sensing system and the removal of the vibrating core. The press release stated that, "Pursuant to the introduction of this new six-axis sensing system, the vibration feature that is currently available on DUALSHOCK and DUALSHOCK 2 controllers for PlayStation and PlayStation 2, will be removed from the new PS3 controller as vibration itself interferes with information detected by the sensor."

Pic of the new controller here

Pictures of the PS3 dev kits can be seen here and here

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