FryingPan v4.c Released

Date 16-May-2006 18:41:37
Topic: Software News

Frying Pan, the great shareware CD/DVD writing program for Amiga, has recently been updated! The author states on his website:

I've released 0.4c FryingPan for all of you who had troubles or ideas recently. It fixes a number of problems (I bet it includes new ones as well), so - what do we have?

- read & write speeds are set right after the disc is discovered,
- Amiga specific rockridge extensions appear to work good - enjoy your comments & protection bits :),
- Gauge has been updated a bit...,
- Contents are now discovered properly on some "incompatible" -ROM drives
- Writing does not end at 65535% any longer heh,
- Filerequesters will show you your .info files,
- You can name your drives,
- A requester is displayed when you try to write too much data to your disc,
- No overburning for DVDs allowed,
- You can specify system type for your disc (so you can make a bootable MOS disc, too ;),
- Data is updated after erase operation,
- MUI4 problem has been fixed,
- You can start FP from an icon (yeeee!! hehe),
- Iconifying FP will display its icon instead of default one.

Also, an update was released shortly after which provided the following changes:
- File dates are preserved,
- A tiny menu added - now you can set your FP mui settings,
- in_WAV module added (please note: there is no compression support. assumed file format is: 44kHz, stereo, 16b/ch, little endian),
- minor fixes done to the GUI,
- minor fixes done to the ISO builder,
- i've done my best to make in_MP3 handle regular files a bit better, but libmad has troubles...

An easy to use installer is now included too.

Download it from the Frying Pan website.

You can purchase a keyfile for 25 EURO, and it will work with any optical drive you own. The old registering system has been abandoned. More information here:

This program works flawlessly with OS4's 68k emulation, OS3 and MOS!

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