three new tools ported to OS4

Date 19-May-2006 19:42:24
Topic: Software News

MMKeyboard is a multimedia keyboard driver for any Amiga compatible computer systems.

--> MMKeyboard.lha

You all know PDAs where you use a pen to draw invisible lines on the display.
The PDA is converting these combinations into characters or functions.

Meridian is doing exactly this! Meridian is a small commodity to create virtual hotkeys by using the mouse.
You draw a symbol and Meridian is starting the requested action. Since the starting point and the direction is
also important, there are countless combinations you can use.

--> Meridian.lha

-Did you ever feel boring when dealing with dos commands and their arguments?
-Did you ever wait for a GUI because the CLI only tool is to complicated for your Shell/CLI
-Did you ever understand all these cryptic argument names?
-Did you ever wished dos arguments would be in your nativ language for better

Yes? Then then here comes the solution for your problems. "R" -
The only weapon to defeat templates! (Something like Airwolf! :) )

--> R.lha

Thanks to Guido Mersmann (geit)

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