TiMidity ported to OS4

Date 20-May-2006 1:39:39
Topic: Software News

In the past weeks I was hard working again. I've made a port of TiMidity to OS4. This wasn't as easy as I thought at first. TiMidity - source is prepared to use the ./configure command from bsh (on UNIX-style systems), which isn't (yet) available on OS4. So I've had to prepare the whole source-stuff "by hand". This was hard. By this way I removed all unneccessary stuff, to have a startpoint with the "basic" functions of TiMidity: playing MIDI-files or converting them to soundfiles (Wav-format).

I added a new GUI, because all GUI's for other systems were unuseable for OS4. Some basic controls are also integrated (Play, Pause, Stop, Fast-Forward/-Backward).

And I added AHI-sound-output. The quality of the sound (and the converted soundfiles) is impressive. I released this first prerelease to test, if there is a need for such a program on OS4.

My plan is, to enhance TiMidity with CAMD-support. Means, that TiMidity shall be able to play from the CAMD-MIDI-stream. If this will be possible ... ??? ... I'll try it. If this would be realizeable, we would have a Softwaresynthesizer for OS4 (of course useable with BarsnPipes ... I hope).

TiMidity uses the very good sounding GravisUltraSound-patches (GUS) and/or Soundfonts. Because these archives are very huge, I've splitted them from the TiMidity-Archive, but they are neccessary to work with TiMidity. Later only the TiMidity-Archive must be new downloded in the case of updates.

You may download TiMidity and GUS-patches and/or Soundfonts from OS4-Depot:

GUS-patches (31MB)

Hopeful you find TiMidity useful
Alfred Faust

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