Troika NG Progress Report

Date 26-May-2006 4:40:15
Topic: Hardware News

We thought a progress report was in order as we have some very good news. After much development we are happy to report that version 1.4 of Amy'05 is nearly complete. Our next progress report will contain lots of information about Amy, along with the much awaited Photo's!

For many of the first adopters of Eyetech Amiga One models, their needs and wants have grown past the specifications of the machines they are currently using and they wish to upgrade to a more modern motherboard design.

Our original intent with project “Prometheus” was to design and build several low cost lines of motherboards, built on proven technology. The Amy’05 design would be followed by a more powerful design. When we designed Amy’05 we did not envisage the changes that have taken place in the Power PC market, most notable, Apple's shift from PowerPC to Intel that has presented both problems as well as opportunities for Troika.

While developing Amy’05 we have been investigating several good opportunities for the existing Amiga user base. We have found others with similar business interests to ours, from which we were able to form new alliances which has allowed us to begin due diligence procedures for purchasing a design of a higher end motherboard. Acquiring the rights to this motherboard will allow us to bring a higher end board to market far quicker than if we were to design one from the ground up. Also, by forming new alliances we will be able to bring the per unit cost of this motherboard down - a saving that we wish to pass on to you.

We would like to show you photographs of our higher end motherboard but our NDA does not permit this. However, we are able to show you pictures that have been cropped to conceal the board’s identity.

Provided we are able to do this, we plan on offering this higher end motherboard as a compliment to our first line of Amy motherboards.

We have been down this road before, with announcements based on assurances from third parties who have failed to deliver. Amy’05 has encountered problems but they are all in the past.

Between now and then we shall post regular progress reports, instead of intermittent press releases and promises.

Motherboard with Tsi-109 & 7448 .

Our Sound system.

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