New version of OS4-TiMidity (0.5)

Date 27-May-2006 19:56:30
Topic: Software News

After the very postive response to the release of the OS4-port of TiMidity, I've worked away.
What I've done:
- added two tabs in the GUI "Effects" and "Other" to gain acces to near all options of TiMidity thru the GUI
- added a text-output in the program-window, to avoid the extra Workbench-Window
- added a playback-volume slider in the Controls-window
- changed the Control-window somewhat, (has no longer a dragbar, but is moveable by click/move anywhere in the window besides any gadget)
- altered the memory-handling somewhat to gain somewhat more stability.

You can get the new version here:
TiMidity 0.5 download

Have a lot of fun ... I work away ...


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