News on the Sigmatel Sound Chips for A1s

Date 5-Jun-2006 16:38:07
Topic: hardware OS4

Costel Mincea, who initiated a centralised buying for the onboard sound chips initially used in the AmigaOne but erroneously left off in later production runs, has 70 Sigmatel STAC9752T sound chips available now.

Mincea distributed his expenses (the price for the chips, shipping to him, duty fees) on the number of chips available, which results in a price per unit of slightly more than four Euro. Therefore, a single chip can be ordered from him for four Euro plus shipping (depends on target location, 1,- Euro for European customers).

Users can now order chips by emailing, specifying the desired quantity and the delivery address. The reply will confirm the order and specify payment details. Orders will be processed "first come, first serve", the available stock is limited to 70 units


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