C/C++ update for Cubic IDE

Date 16-Jun-2006 8:58:30
Topic: Software News

Cubic users can download a new version of the C package. What's new: latest version of vbcc integrated, all recent MorphOS SDK updates integrated (gcc, binutils, libnix, libgcc), syntax highlighting updated, support for cross compilation between OS3/MorphOS/OS4, OS4 SDK updated with latest lua, abc-shell and make.

Link: Download C/C++ package

Installation notice for MorphOS users:
- gcc 2.95.4 has been removed from the package because 2.95.3 is newer (sic).

Installation notices for OS4 development:
- You have to download the full 51.22 SDK [153 MB] yourself and place it in the contributions folder before installation. If you don't, the package won't install at all (under OS4) or not offer cross compilation (elsewhere).
- This release of the C/C++ package can not use an installed OS4 SDK, you have to let Cubic install the SDK. In return, you get better and cleaner integration than was previously possible.

This is a beta release: I have tested the OS3 and MorphOS side but the OS4 side is entirely untested.

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