FryingPan v0.41

Date 2-Jul-2006 12:01:26
Topic: Software News

A new release for FryingPan is now available for downloading.

Fryingpan is a CD/DVD burning program written for use under Classic Amiga's WB3.x, but should also work nicely on both MorphOS and OS4.

A list of changes for v0.41 are:

  • Content page progress bar displays proper values now

  • Progress bars start from valid positions when appending already written disc

  • Overall progress bar displays valid information when burning multiple tracks in TAO

  • Install script utilizes xad/lha/lzx whichever is found first

  • in_MP3.module has been updated and features checking (accepts only MPEG1 LAYER3 44kHz Stereo)

  • multiselection of data/audio tracks is now allowed. You can change filetype for multiple tracks at once, remove multiple tracks in a single click etc

  • removed scroll bar from settings & hardware settings panels

  • write method is now recorded

  • empty iso images are ignored from now on

  • added text object displaying amount of data to be written to disc

  • write speeds are properly remembered now

For more info look on the authors website.

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