CubicIDE 1.3

Date 6-Jul-2006 4:20:04
Topic: Software News

Cubic IDE 1.3 is available. Cubic IDE is a modular, extensible development environment for AmigaOS and MorphOS, designed to assists during all stages of building software: editing, compiling, Rexx/BASIC/LISP scripting, assisted and automatic generation of installations, help with making AmigaGuide documentation and creating a web site for your final product with Cubic's HTML support.


This update includes a new C/C++ mode (previously released as beta), providing integration with the latest versions of everyting: latest vbcc cross compiler, latest MorphOS SDK and latest OS4 SDK. The editor has been upgraded with a switchable "single document interface" mode, ie. you can now open all texts in one window. Enjoy improvements to performance and ease of use. Symbol browsing has been improved my implementing a new, library-based interface.

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