ACK CPU Module Design Rationale

Date 21-Jul-2006 16:27:54
Topic: hardware OS4

ACK Software Controls has continued beavering away at their projects while Amiga fanatics continue the agonizing wait. If you have any questions or concerns, come join us in the #amigaworld channel for an IRC chat with the designer himself. Unless of course you enjoy wasting your days in web forums with yet more people that don't know any more than you do.

With that in mind, we have the following snippet of info. regarding the CPU module design rationale from a recent forum posting to wet your whistle. This is the kind of stuff that is discussed live in the #amigaworld IRC channel:

Here is just a quick couple of notes (in no particular order):

1) Website will be up and running when products are available for retail.
2) The PowerMac Meg-Array connector pin-out is propietary and not readily available, believe me I have tried that route.
3) AmigaOne owners need CPUs and the general desire from most people I communicated with want upgradeability.
4) The other aspect of the CPU module is from a financial perspective. Putting the CPU on the motherboard adds significant upfront costs to a motherboard run. I can inventory a much larger run of motherboards without CPUs and build CPUs as necessary.
5) It wasn't that difficult to get the PV TL working with the common CPU module. That issue has been resolved. Original AmigaOne CPU modules will work with the PV TL at 133MHz FSB and the 7448 CPU modules will work @ 200MHz FSB. Please note that the main intent was that people who invest in the 7448 modules have an upgrade path. Similarly, it allows for people to move up from the AmigaOne boards at a lower cost to the end consumer.

Adam Kowalczyk

ACK Software Controls, Inc.

The Java-based web client is on the right-hand side of the main AW page. WookieChat is available from OS4Depot. There are lots of other IRC clients for all platforms.

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