Major Epistula Update Available

Date 15-Aug-2006 23:19:35
Topic: Software News

Epistula v50.18
Quite a big update this time; I have been working hard on this for a while and have managed to complete all of the features I outlined in the last release.

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So, in this release the following changes have been made, and features implemented:

- Documentation is provided in PDF form.

- All imagery within Epistula is now user configurable. I've used PNG images as IFF won't display correctly on my machine. Note a word of warning though; don't try and use a PNG image with more than 256 colours as it will crash. I need to adapt my code to work with high colour images first.

- You can now add and remove contacts to and from your contact list, although this will also depend on that functionality being implemented fully in the plugin.

- Contacts can be moved (dragged and dropped) to and from any groups you have with your contact list. Note that I've found a nasty bug in the add group functionality, so it's disabled for now. A fix will be released VERY soon.

- Full logging is provided should you need it. If I'm missing anything which you'd like implemented and added to the logs, drop me a line and I'll see it's added for the next update.

- Docky icon implemented, although it doesn't do anything yet and looks err, dark. Best leave it off until I'm finished with it.

- Updated catalogs and missing translations from last version fixed. If you spot anything which isn't translated let me know so I can fix it. Note that you should remove any old epistula.catalogs.

- Nicely re-written plugin removal code which uses new features of dos.library to stop those awful crashes and 'Cannot quit plugin' messages.

- Your installed MUI Classes are checked to make sure they're the correct version or above

That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure there are lots of small fixed I've missed from that list so it'll be up to you lot to test everything for me.

TOC v50.0
TOC is a new plugin from myself which will allow you to connect to AOL's AIM service which amongst other things, allows you to add ICQ contacts to your buddy list.

I have tested this plugin with both official clients (AIM and ICQ) and I've had no problems so far.

The plugin is pretty much complete apart from two areas; your buddy list order will not be saved on exit, and file transfer isn't implemented.

Documentation is provided with the plugin should you need it, but please keep in mind that this is a first release and as such, should be expected to contain some teething problems. Please let me know of these ASAP so I can address them.

Plugin Development Kit
The plugin development kit is almost complete and will be released on my website by Friday 18th August, and will include the catalog translation files for interested parties.

As usual, all of these updates can be (or will be eventually) found on my homepage which is The Snakepit Projects.

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy! Although I've got that feeling that I've forgotten something really important

Daniel Allsopp

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