AmiPodder 1.5 Released

Date 20-Aug-2006 6:43:21
Topic: Software News

A new version of AmiPodder, the Amiga's only podcast receiving utility is now available.

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Version 1.5 has several new features, many of them added in response to user requests. You can now organise your podcasts in to groups. The user interface has been enhanced with the ability to change the status of multiple podcasts and progress bars have been added to slow operations. Compatibility with podcast feeds has also been improved with support for redirected downloads and various types of character encoding in URLs. In addition, AmiPodder can now work behind an HTTP proxy and several bugs have been fixed.

AmiPodder 1.5 is written in AREXX using rxMUI and therefore works on OS 3.x, OS 4 and MorphOS. It's released as freeware and can be downloaded from:

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