Troika NG Sound system

Date 8-Sep-2006 22:44:12
Topic: Hardware News

Troika NG would like to announce that we have chosen a fine industry standard AC97 codec, the AD1888 manufactured by Analog Devices, marketed under the Soundmax® brand. The sound codec is used in our Project “Prometheus"/ Amy’05.

This fine device brings many features (including AD’s special filters) used in Asus motherboards and Creative products the Amiga community.

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In our design we use 6 audio connectors to provide a full surround sound system: Front, Left side, Right side, Center, Surround Sound via audio jacks and an SPDIF output through a standard RCA connector. We also include an internal Intel™ HD-Audio standard header for case connections and so much more!

Some technical details: “The AD1888 is a 6 channel (supporting 5.1 surround sound) AC'97 2.3 compatible codec. It features SPDIF output, variable sample rates, 20-bit DACs, and multiple stereo analog inputs along with many cost saving features including: integrated headphone amplifiers, selectable microphone inputs with built-in preamplifiers, jack sensing (with auto-topology switching), hardware channel spreading and downmixing, as well as crystal-free operational modes.”

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PDF’s are available on the Analog Devices web site, however we have made available the PDFon our website.

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