Alarm clock v1.2 released

Date 27-Sep-2006 14:11:22
Topic: Software News

What´s alarm clock????

It´s a nice fullscreen clock, with extra features:

- Up to 6 alarms.
- Configure custom MP3 file, for each alarm.
- Posibility of random MP3 play from a selected directory.
- Nuclear Power plant alarm MP3 file included.
- Blanker activation posibility.
- Use TTF antialiased fonts.


You can copy your own photos, images etc to the blanker drawer, and you
will see it, in an slideshow, with transparency effect over the clock,
really a nice effect to customize it. You need scale the images to
640x480 size to see it better. To quit alarm clock, only press esc key
in any time.

Thanks go to... sekta crew (Doraemon, Novi, Pipo, Neko, Travol), Nowee,
Gogeta, and other betatesters...

History v0.5: Internal release
v1.0: First public release
v1.1: Updated, cleaned code, bug fixed, faster.
v1.2: Updated again, added cleaner prefs, left and right mouse
actions supported now, time to slideshow, AROS, MorphOS
and Amiga OS 4 executables.

Tested under Morphos and UAE, please report bugfixes if you found.


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