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Date 4-Oct-2006 22:14:40
Topic: Software News

As of October 5th 2006, the world-wide distribution and publishing contract with Computer City has ended due to lack of payment. Also, a large price reduction was required to have a competitive pricing when Audio Evolution 5 is released early next year on Mac OSX and Windows.

This means that from now on, Audio Evolution 4 can be purchased for the incredibly low price of 49 euro (a 100 euro price drop!) from the author directly. Because of this price, the full version will be sent by email instead of on CD. For users of classic machines on OS3, the older Audio Evolution 3 is also available for only 25 euro (with limited support). For ordering information, please send an email to or visit the Audio Evolution homepage.

Although AE5 runs partly on OS4/X11 as well, some technical issues with wxWidgets on OS4/X11 must be resolved first before AE5 can be released on OS4. AE5 will feature multi-channel recording and the use of VST effects and/or Audio Units.

For AE4 users, a small update 4.0.9 can be found in the downloads section. It fixes an issue preventing it from running on newer kernels. It also includes copy and paste functionality in the MIDI remote setup window.

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Davy Wentzler
Audio Evolution

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