New Cygnix programs for OS4 available

Date 10-Oct-2006 16:49:53
Topic: Software News

On OS4-depot are four new packages for the X11 environment Cygnix available:

* Cinepaint 0.21.1 (image manipulation program)
* Gimp 1.2.5 (image manipulation program)
* vim 7.0 (text editor)
* Xfce 3.8.16 (desktop manager)

All these packages are alpha versions. This means, that some functions of the
programs are not working or some tools are missing.
The development is stopped for the moment, because I need time for some other
projects. I published these projects in the hope, that it could be usefull for
the community.
Please look at the READMEs for the missing features.

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