AFAOS 3.94

Date 12-Oct-2006 15:08:19
Topic: Software News

AFA OS 3.94

Add new features for truetype Fonts

In afa prefs are new sliders for "font size adjust" and "line space hack"

What they do:

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"font size adjust"

This increase/decrease the fontsize by a choosen value.
for example when set to +2.apps that open a font with size 12 get now size 14.
So its possible to change easy the fontsize of all Apps, for example when you want run same AFA install
on a 1600*1200 TFT and a 800*600 screen.

"line space hack"

Because truetype fonts use much space for French accent, T but most languages not need
this chars. So you can reduce the linespace between chars by set a - value.
English Users can set to -3.German users can set to -1 or -2.

The setting depend what accent chars your language need.So it is called hack to show that it can
cause in some cases disadvantage of non reading accent chars.

default in truetypemanager set to uswindescender.This give better convert results.

also there are updates in FAQ show the use of codepages and a generel Tipp to boot faster

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