Scalos v41.4 Released

Date 18-Oct-2006 7:40:06
Topic: Software News

Scalos, a desktop replacement for the Amiga has been updated.
Archives for both AmigaOS 68K and MorphOS.
We are proud to present the very first Scalos V41.3 alpha version for AmigaOS4

New in 41.4:
Improvement: Added optional drop menu to allow comfortable selection between copy, move, or create-link operation
Improvement: Added optional icon images for popup menus
Bugfix: errors on link creation were never reported
Improvement: In German translation, replaced all "link" by "Verknüpfung"
Improvement: Added single-window lasso mode, with scrolling window contents
This mode is invoked by dragging mouse with configurable qualifier key
Bugfix: Text icon selection was drawn incorrectly if "Name column selects text icons" was on and window was scrolled horizontally
Bugfix: Text icon lasso selection used to ignore "Name column selects text icons" flag
Improvement: Added support for backfilled thumbnail icons, with selectable color and transparency
Improvement: lifetime of cached thumbnail icons is now configurable for each drawer. Lifetime may now be set to "forever".
Improvement: Added option to always generate square thumbnail icons.
Improvement: Added ability to scale background images without guigfx.library.
Improvement: Added new parameter options for menu CLI commands. "%w" inserts path name of current window, "%d" inserts device name of argument icons (useful for "eject" tool).
Bugfix: Corrected naming of Scalos main process "Workbench" - should fix all remaining path inheritance problems.
Improvement: Added jpegpicture.pvplugin thumbnail generator for JPEG images. Thumbnails are generated 2 to 3 times faster than with default thumbnail generator
Improvement: Added filetype-specific preview (=thumbnail) generation plugin system. Standard defpicture.pvplugin behaves exactly like previous build-in thumbnail generation
Improvement: Windows are now updated immediately when drag-drop copying icons, moving icons, or creating links
Improvement: Borders around tooltip bubbles are now drawn with antialiasing (GFX card required)
Bugfix: Applying popup menus to all selected icons didn't work with a single icon under the mouse pointer that hasn't been selected before clicking RMB
Improvement: Added new user setting to always apply popup menus to every selected icon, regardless of qualifier
Improvement: Added selectable transparency for tooltip bubbles. Improvement: Clicking into startup splash window causes it to close immediately
Added setting: Switch on/off the displaying of image thumbnails to be shown if they have no icons
Improvement: SQL tables are initialized each time the database is opened, so the thumbnail database can be safely renamed or deleted anytime, and Scalos creates new database next time a drawer is opened
Improvement: Moved image scaling and dithering code to shared library scalosgfx.library

Download it here!

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