Text editor with support for the Thai language

Date 22-Oct-2006 15:11:33
Topic: Software News

I am pleased to inform you that by the close collaboration with Dr. Lyndon Hill, who is the author of the Linux/Windows text editor "Sontana", my own text editor "BareED", is now able to support you while creating and editing Thai texts. BareED is usually used in order to edit ASCII/LATIN-1 texts and C/C++ source code with syntax highlighting.
Due to the collaboration with Lyndon, BareED becomes the first Amiga text editor which has any degree of support for the Thai language.

In addition, by implementing the relevant parts of the WTT standard*, BareED will detect invalid character sequences upon loading TIS-620 encoded text files and while entering characters. The input check can be adjusted by you to your own taste in three levels, from "Pass Through" over "Basic Check" to "Strict".

Before you can start using BareED as a TIS-620 supporting text editor you should download from Lyndon's site the required fonts and keymap.
For questions about using a TIS-620 compatible Amiga environment, including using email, I suggest you contact Lyndon by email or visit his site, because I don't speak Thai at all.

Visit Lyndon's site for information on using Thai language on the Amiga and Thai with BareED at:

Contact Lyndon Hill by email at:
emptystate at yahoo dot co dot uk

Download BareED from:

* WTT is a standard for Thai localisation, endorsed by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).

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