Dream17 needs your help

Date 15-Dec-2006 11:06:03
Topic: Internet News

Dream17, with the permission of Team 17 have made available their range of Amiga titles. This means that you can download almost every single Team 17 Amiga title for use either on an Amiga system or an emulator.

But wait, there's more ...

However, at some point next year, Dream17 will once again be moving servers. For the first time since its inception nearly three years ago, someone will have to actually pay for its hosting. This hobby project doesn’t make any profit and its owners have had to bear the costs themselves.

Their plans to help retain Dream17 require your assistance. They would like someone with experience of vector art files to convert their logo into a vector file so that they can begin using it as a basis for all sorts of merchandise. More importantly, they need people to actually start clicking the Paypal "donate" button, which currently only generates 10 worth of donations a year.

Please make a donation, if you want free access to retro titles like Worms – The Directors Cut, Project X, Kingpin, Overdrive, Body Blows, and the Alien Breed series of games.

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