dynAMIte2.3 with MWF2 fixes now available

Date 30-Mar-2003 8:51:40
Topic: Software News

Welcome to the year 2003. Brain surgery put us through rough times, but we
managed to survive and are more excited than ever. Additionally throwing
stones while in glass houses did help us marginally, struggling as we were
through stygian clouds of defamation. And we didn't let the 2.3 version
number delay us 2 years while we "went skiing" either, oh no.

Now, however, let's get to the odds.

As many of you already know, we had many problems with our chars. Only
late last year we were able, in cooperation with the char manufacturer, to
find the most terrible and the most silly and probably the most nyng
nsffincis. The results of our extensive debugging can now be seen in
the form of three specific and highly dedicated fixes: Monday, Wednesday
and Freitag.

We will not and cannot go into detail about the technical subtleties here,
but let us assure you: these fixes were essential to the completion of our
highly acclaimed and extremely exciting award-winning multiplayer game that
offers true rich multimedia content.

Furthermore we are excited to announce our license agreement with KeyTech,
which will enable us to use more than 180 amazing keystrokes for more
finetuned and highly advanced key-related coding in the not-too-distant

Talking about the future, we cannot communicate stuff that might be, but
make sure to get extremely excited as time progresses (by way of example,
you can already start to wet your pants).

Additionally we had the opportunity to afford to get one of our employees
connected back to the net again (thanks to some money we found in a phone
booth), and he will, if time permits, answer 10 questions that will be
preselected by a jury consisting of persons from our public relations
department (hint: questions about our shiny personalties are highly
appreciated and have much more chance of getting selected).

Now get excited with dynAMIte2.3 and don't forget, there is no WEEK without
Monday, Wednesday and Freitag.

your #amigazeux core team (comprising 30+ developers and 20+ betatesters)


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