Updated AmigaOne 2.6.x Linux kernels

Date 16-Dec-2006 22:07:21
Topic: hardware OS4

Updated AmigaOne 2.6.8 and Linux kernels are now available on amigaone-linux.sourceforge.net.

- Recompiled the 2.6.8 kernel, as there was a minor bug in the platform setup code.
- The 2.6.8 kernel includes modules for MacOnLinux 0.9.70:
I don't know, if MacOS X will work, but I was able to load the yaboot bootloader within MoL and the system didn't lock up. Let's try it out!
- The kernel supports USB EHCI. Thanks again to Marcus Comstedt for the patch!
- Removed the transfer request limit for IDE LBA48 devices:
Please report, if you experience DMA timeout errors. I couldn't reproduce them, thus I hope the workaround is not needed anymore.

My A1 seems to have some hardware problems currently, so I can't guarantee that everything is working fine. Feedback is welcome.

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