MPlayer XMAS version available for download

Date 23-Dec-2006 19:51:18
Topic: Software News

Hi all! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Well.. a new version of MPlayer is available for download on my site

These are the main changes:

MPlayer 1.0rc1 for AmigaOS4 Final XMAS Edition
* Full overlay support thru p96_pip driver (needs AmigaOS4 Final)
* Removed cgx software modes
* The only software mode now is SDL
* Using libmad for mp? audio decoding
* Use th every last mplayer rc1 cvs
* DVD now can be played at full speed (on my G4 at least..)
* Full screen is not yet supported by p96_pip driver
* Two separate version (G3 and G4)
* XMAS icon by Kenneth Lester jr (thx!)
* p96_pip driver made by Joerg Strohmayer
* WMV3 now are native and at FULL SPEED
* a lot of mplayer bugfix!

Merry Christmas again!!!

Andrea Palmatè

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