Poseidon v3.5

Date 24-Dec-2006 13:08:26
Topic: Software News

This info is from offcale Posedion Mlist!!

Poseidon V3.5 is available through the Trident update function. I will
upload it to my website in a few days aswell. It fixes the issues that
people reported about their keyfile not being accepted every time.

The bad news:

- Elbox products are no longer supported and hence no keyfiles will be
issued that will make the Spider work with Poseidon.

The good news:

- Registrations are possible again for the classic Amigas except for the

- Those, who already have a registered V3.x keyfile will not be affected by
this and can continue to use Poseidon V3.x and also the V3.5 update.

- There will be at least one further update for 68k next year.

Users registering for full personal licences have to use Poseidon V3.5, as
the keyfiles will not work with version below. I think this is a good
compromise for those wanting to use Poseidon for Amithlon, ArakAttack,
Thylacine etc.

Online registration through my website and Trident will be available in a
few minutes.

Merry x-mas.

PS: Demo timeouts are now more clearly marked in PoPo and the error log, so
you will know if it's due to keyfile problems.

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