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Software News   Software News : Poseidon v3.5
   posted by VooDoo on 24-Dec-2006 13:07:33 (1740 reads)
This info is from offcale Posedion Mlist!!

Poseidon V3.5 is available through the Trident update function. I will
upload it to my website in a few days aswell. It fixes the issues that
people reported about their keyfile not being accepted every time.

The bad news:

- Elbox products are no longer supported and hence no keyfiles will be
issued that will make the Spider work with Poseidon.

The good news:

- Registrations are possible again for the classic Amigas except for the

- Those, who already have a registered V3.x keyfile will not be affected by
this and can continue to use Poseidon V3.x and also the V3.5 update.

- There will be at least one further update for 68k next year.

Users registering for full personal licences have to use Poseidon V3.5, as
the keyfiles will not work with version below. I think this is a good
compromise for those wanting to use Poseidon for Amithlon, ArakAttack,
Thylacine etc.

Online registration through my website and Trident will be available in a
few minutes.

Merry x-mas.

PS: Demo timeouts are now more clearly marked in PoPo and the error log, so
you will know if it's due to keyfile problems.

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Re: Poseidon v3.5
Posted on 24-Dec-2006 15:17:11
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 21-Nov-2004
Posts: 302
From: Zdzieszowice, Poland

Fortunately I don't use a Spider card anymore
Thanks Chris for your excellent work

I miss draggable screens in MorphOS... and do you? I know I'm in a minority unfortunately.

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Re: Poseidon v3.5
Posted on 24-Dec-2006 15:29:48
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 16-Feb-2005
Posts: 999
From: Antwerp / Belgium

What's the elbox problem anyway ?

- Proud Member Of The Belgian Amigaclub Since 2003 -

The Belgian Amiga Club on FACEBOOK !

The Belgian Amiga Club Website

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Re: Poseidon v3.5
Posted on 24-Dec-2006 15:40:18
#3 ]
Team Member
Joined: 14-May-2003
Posts: 1941
From: Lake Charles, USA

The good news: Elbox users can justify using a cracked version now as no other option is available.

The bad news: People who pay for a license could find themselves out of pocket if "someone" has an unprofessional personality clash with a business partner and decides that the paying consumer are worth targeting too.

It's a shame that development of key components of what makes the modern AmigaOS usable in this day and age are used to inflate the egos of individuals who seem to enjoy engaging in pissing contests in public.

Well I guess Xmas is the season for children to have fun.

AmigaOne X1000, A4000(T), A3000, A2000, A1200(T), A1200, A500, CD32, Minimig+ARM, FPGA Arcade, Chameleon64, C-One, C128, C128D, C64C, C64, VIC-20, CBM 8032, CBM4032, Efika, Ultimate64

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Re: Poseidon v3.5
Posted on 25-Dec-2006 8:34:26
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 6-Jul-2005
Posts: 1684
From: Here

Hmm not good.
User a Spider myself and have already registered for a full licence.
I don't work for Elbox, the only link is that I have bought some stuff off them.
Not sure why I am on the receiving end of this little war.

If your nose runs and your feet smell, you're upside down.

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Re: Poseidon v3.5
Posted on 25-Dec-2006 12:37:40
#5 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 30-Dec-2004
Posts: 522
From: United Kingdom

Shame he's withdrawing Spider USB support. I don't think it's fair on those who have paid for his program and use a Spider. I mean they're paying for the program whether they use a Spider, Subway or whatever else, right?

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