Team Chaos Releases New Turn Based Strategy Game on Aminet

Date 24-Dec-2006 14:10:26
Topic: Software News

A Christmas Miracle!
Somehow, someway Team Chaos managed to answer the fanmails and release a new sequel:
Total Chaos AGA: The Newbie Edition on December 21, 2006. 3 years in the making!
This is a remake of the old, but ever-popular, Total Chaos AGA: Battle at the Frontier of Time.

Lots of nifty new features to help make the game dead easy for Newbies! Including a bunch of tutorials to help explain advanced concepts and answer burning questions such as: "There is a gadget that says 'END TURN' what does that do?"

Its a nice friendly little game of death & destruction, teamwork & treachery, strategy & tactics, swords & sorcery, cunning & trickery! And you don't want to miss a game with that many &'s! []

Its a board game, its a card game, its a computer game... its 3 games in 1! Do you have relatives that like to play boardgames at the holiday family gatherings? Then this is the game for you!


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