CNet Amiga Pro V5.10 Released!

Date 4-Jan-2007 7:00:31
Topic: Software News

Version 5.10 & 5.10a Released! December 31, 2006

CNet 5.10 is now available for download. This version is free to any sysop running version 5.x as it will not require a new BBSLicense file. It is however, simply a release to update the copyright information and establish a baseline version for all future releases.

CNet 5.10a is now available for purchase via the online store. This version is the first of many releases of CNet in the future. While this version does not contain any new features, it does address some security issues and bug fixes in the 5.07 release. I am sad to say that not all the bug fixes made it into this release, but they will soon follow.

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