Wesnoth 1.2.1: "Maintenance Release", OS4 version

Date 16-Jan-2007 19:16:44
Topic: Software News

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Changes since last OS4 release:

New for this release is that I have now included the map editor. cutter and exploder tools are also included in tools/ (untested). I have included these here as they are quite small and it is less work making one archive than two separate ones. There is also now a nice icon to start the map editor from.

From 1.2.1 changelog:


Version 1.2.1:
* campaigns:
* Heir to the Throne:
* Battle_for_Wesnoth: allow Asheviere to recruit non-scout units
* The South Guard:
* Proven by the Sword: tell Deoran to go to Westin if the citadel is
secured (fixes #7360)
* language and i18n:
* updated translations: British English, Dutch, Estonian, French, German,
Italian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish
* fixed huge list of spelling mistakes in the en_US version
* multiplayer maps:
* revised maps: Blitz
* made the AI recruit less scouts by setting the village_per_scout parameter
* bug fix
* correctly use translated team names when available
* fix the completion when controlling multiple sides (bug #8101, patch #653)
* first turn of a game is saved again (fixes bug #7909 and bug #8117)
* fix female units using male frames from time to time
* sound
* add advanced sound tab to pref allowing you to play with sample_rate and
buffer_size options
* set default sample rate to 44100 hz as most user got cracking sound pb
with 22050
* graphics
* units:
* death animations for Orcish Assassin and Grunt, Undead Ghoul
* multiplayer
* game management
* fixed controler change not sended to all client (bug #8138)
* replace "Downloading next level..." by "Receiving data..."
when scenario don't have next_scenario and replace
"Downloading next level..." by "Downloading next scenario..."

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