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Software News   Software News : Wesnoth 1.2.1: "Maintenance Release", OS4 version
   posted by salass00 on 16-Jan-2007 18:40:50 (1718 reads)
Download Link
Link to Wesnoth site

Changes since last OS4 release:

New for this release is that I have now included the map editor. cutter and exploder tools are also included in tools/ (untested). I have included these here as they are quite small and it is less work making one archive than two separate ones. There is also now a nice icon to start the map editor from.

From 1.2.1 changelog:


Version 1.2.1:
* campaigns:
* Heir to the Throne:
* Battle_for_Wesnoth: allow Asheviere to recruit non-scout units
* The South Guard:
* Proven by the Sword: tell Deoran to go to Westin if the citadel is
secured (fixes #7360)
* language and i18n:
* updated translations: British English, Dutch, Estonian, French, German,
Italian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish
* fixed huge list of spelling mistakes in the en_US version
* multiplayer maps:
* revised maps: Blitz
* made the AI recruit less scouts by setting the village_per_scout parameter
* bug fix
* correctly use translated team names when available
* fix the completion when controlling multiple sides (bug #8101, patch #653)
* first turn of a game is saved again (fixes bug #7909 and bug #8117)
* fix female units using male frames from time to time
* sound
* add advanced sound tab to pref allowing you to play with sample_rate and
buffer_size options
* set default sample rate to 44100 hz as most user got cracking sound pb
with 22050
* graphics
* units:
* death animations for Orcish Assassin and Grunt, Undead Ghoul
* multiplayer
* game management
* fixed controler change not sended to all client (bug #8138)
* replace "Downloading next level..." by "Receiving data..."
when scenario don't have next_scenario and replace
"Downloading next level..." by "Downloading next scenario..."


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Re: Wesnoth 1.2.1: "Maintenance Release", OS4 vers
Posted on 18-Jan-2007 7:46:21
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 17-Feb-2004
Posts: 1555
From: Up Rough

I have tried Wesnoth yesterday for the first time, playing in multiplayer over Internet. I have grasped the basic rules, it's a very nice game with top graphics and music. I've tried first watching a game as spectator, great way to learn how to play... even if the players were making their moves in an amazing speed!

Unfortunately the game has crashed on game end, while returning to the menu screen, and brought down SDL, which brought down Grim Reaper itself. I'll check if this will happen again the future.


AmigaOne XE - AmigaOS 4.1 - Freescale 7457 1GHz - 1GB ram
MPlayer for OS4:

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