WIP release of Cinnamon Writer

Date 1-Feb-2007 22:45:58
Topic: Software News

As of now, Cinnamon Writer v.0.2 WIP is available for download in the download section of www.desler.be or at www.os4depot.net/

Cinnamon Writer is a WYSIWYG Word like editor in development. Right now the application support truetype fonts and several layout related tools and a very rudimentary support for RTF files.
If you like it, please follow the development on www.desler.be and leave a comment, suggestions or even better: A donation.

As the version number indicates this version is work in progress and a number of bugs most presumed to be present. Therefore, Save often and make backups. Please know that there IS NO FAILSAFE mechanisms. So therefore if you press on new page IT WILL DELETE the current page without asking. Ohh yeah and donate. Research has shown that people who donate experience 34.7% fewer crashes.

Enjoy the program

- Claus Desler

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