Bounty for OS4 version of Sputnik

Date 15-Feb-2007 6:46:32
Topic: Software News

Everything has it's price and a good web browser for AmigaOS4 is EUR 3100 (approx. $4000).
After many emails with Marcin the developer of Sputnik yet another web browser bounty has been setup.

Sputnik Bounty

"But we already have the Amizilla effort".. Yes we do, I even contributed a bit myself but have come to the conclusion that nothing will come of this in the near future as it is a giant project.

The Sputnik Bounty is diffrent because it is an active project developed for and is already showed working on MorphOS. It's simpler to port Sputnik from MorphOS to AmigaOS4, than porting Firefox from Linux to AmigaOS4.

+We have hardware ready for Marcin now.
+Porting starts when bounty is reached.
+Fewer dependences.
+Also available for Morphos = broader Amiga userbase.
+We already have a man to do the port (namely the author of Sputnik, Marcin).
+The browser (early version) have already been showed working on MorphOS, an Amiga inspired OS.
+We have got hardware ready for Marcin as soon as the bounty reaches the needed amount.
+Lighter web browser, well suited for the Amiga.
+Freeware when the bounty has been paid.
+Same updates as the MOS version.

-Less known browser, but whats in a name?
-Price (although it IS cheap)

Lets face it, Sputnik is not a browser that will get much name recognition outside Amiga circles. It is based on the widely known KHTML engine (also used by Nokia and Apple) and keeping the Amiga traditions, being a very light web browser compared to Firefox. It will feature mos,t if not all the modern stuff we miss in Aweb or Ibrowse, read more on

The price of EUR 3100 seems high but you are not alone paying it!
This is a COMMUNITY EFFORT and I would expect EVERY OS4 USER who wants a modern web browser to contribute. Despite the current lack of hardware, I would even encourage those wanting to use OS4 at some point to contribute to this bounty. Take the time, register with Paypal and donate. If you cant use Paypal, please email me and we will work something out.

There's been talks about 1500 AmigaOne's sold and even if some is not working or just not used anymore, there should still be at least 700-1000 active OS4 users.

If people wants the Amiga to stay alive, we all need to start put our money where our mouth is. I expect in a worst case scenario max. 50% wants to contribute, but that is a minimum of 350 donations. Am I too optimistic, I hope not.

I know not everybody can donate the same but I ask ALL of you to please donate min. EUR 10($13) if you can. The more the better.

If your financial situation (or your gf/wife) doesn't allow you to donate that much every other donation is also very welcome.

Please go straight to read more about the bounty and make your donation now.
Thanks for reading this post, I will answer questions in this thread when I have the time.

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