Amigaworld urgently needs donations/sponsorship/banner ads

Date 28-Mar-2007 11:40:21
Topic: News

Unfortunately the site no longer has a main sponsor as you can see from the left banner at the top of the site. This paid for the bulk of the dedicated server costs which are due on the 21st July. We were hoping that someone would sponsor the site when the previous sponsors banner expired, but so far this hasn't happened.

If you would like to sponsor the site for 6 or 12 months or advertise click this link

If you would like to donate please use the PayPal donate button at the top right of this site.

To give an idea of the target we hope to achieve, we currently have approximately 100 towards the costs. We need to raise another 600 or face losing the dedicated server we have and looking for a new home, or having to degrade service speeds by going over to a shared server.

We are also gauging an interest in another mousemat production which would be used to help fund the server costs.

Thank you.

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