Update of X11-package Cygnix available

Date 12-Apr-2007 22:04:07
Topic: Software News

An update for the X11-package Cygnix is available on OS4-depot.

This is new in this update:

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* Better support for GTK2 themes.
* Three new GTK2 themes. Two of them in AmigaOS4 style.
* Two new shell commands:
lpr - to print documents.
xscreen2front - brings the Cygnix screen into front.
* New feature to configure Cygnix.
* Revised startup.
* A bugfixed version of the sound server.

You need this update to install all new software packages (e.g. AbiWord)

Download here: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=network/misc/x11-update.lha

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