IRC session with Hans-Joerg Frieden

Date 15-Apr-2007 17:44:14
Topic: hardware OS4

Hans-Joerg Frieden (Rogue) made a guest appearance at Safir's IRC-channel #safir, and gave answers to questions about AmigaOS 4.

A big thank you goes to Alkaron and Nickman for the session logs and editing.

Q = Question A = Answer S = Statement from Rogue

[20:56] Rogue: Hello everybody

Q: When do we get OS4 for classic Amigans?

A: Classic version will be done as soon as we have the AmigaOne version out of the door, which should be "RSN"
Right now, we're working on the final ISO, the one that is supposed to be packaged up in a nice big box
(which, incidentially, is already designed ) in the form of a real, physical CD (with manual IIRC)
The classic version still has a few edges that need to be ironed out... but shouldn't be that much longer anymore

Q: Will the Mediator be supported native in OS4 at any time or through Petunia only?

A: I think that we will leave it at the emulated Mediator support.. it's difficult to get DMA-drivers running on the
classic Amiga PCI solutions anyway, so adaptions would be required. And I am not exactly in favor of using video
memory for DMA buffers.

Q: Any price range for the Classic version ?

A: No idea about the pricing, I guess it will be somewhat in the same range as the A1 version.
Price range for the A1 version is 100 I think.

Q: What happened to warp3d and will warpup emulation be back or cancelled?

A: Not much. We're probably going to leave it as it is now, concentrate on other important issues first. When the final version
is out on CD, we will review what we will do for the future. For the future we will concentrate on OpenGL in any case.
No warpup emulation. It's not worth the effort IMO

S: Developers might be interested in this: We're also working on a new SDK right now. The final on the CD will include
support for loading UNIX-liked shared objects, and the SDK will be able to produce them (like a
(I finished today BTW ) Python is a scripting language that can be incorporated into your own program.
For example, Blender uses it for scripting. The shared objects will be 100% like under Linux, meaning that most of the
time you can create them without editing a makefile.

Q: Will current OS4 prerelase users have to buy the final package ? (if so full or at a redused cost ?)

A: I think that everybody can download the CD, but only non-Earlybird users get it for free.. I am not sure about this though,
not the business type Earlybird systems came with a cheaper version of OS 4, so they should be able to get the box
for an aditional fee.

Q: Will AmigaDOS filesystem go 64bit and its dos-libraries? Will there be a new filesystem?

A: I don't think that FFS2 will be 64 bit... No idea about SFS. Reiser and other UNIX FS are quite different and a bit of work to port...
possible though. DOS is 64 bits. Future versions of OS4 will probably have a modified FS API...

Q: Will you add software emulation for classic chipsets like the ECS or AGA?

A: No, none of that is planned. There is limited emulation for some features, and the final update added support for planar graphics
modes (so you can run DPaint) but beyond that, nothing is planned.

Q: Are 680x0 programs 100% compatible with OS4?

A: Well, everything is emulated, you can basically just run a 68k program like you run a native program. Some have trouble with JIT,
you can blacklist those to prevent them from going through the JIT. Users don't notice anything from the 68k emulation. I played
WBsteroids on the mystery device

Q: What graphics architectures will OS4 support in the future!?

A: Well, we're thinking about a Porter/Duff based graphics system, with OpenGL acceleration... something like the latest X server,
or MacOS X (Porter/Duff is an image composition system that can be accelerated via OpenGL)

Q: Would Hyperion like to visit AmiGBG again if a new fair will be held later this year?

A: You gotta ask Hyperion that question

Q: One intresting feature from windows/gnome and so on is the network neigborhood. Are you thinking of implementing things
like samba that in the WB?

A: No plans yet for any extension to workbench. There are more urgent fundamental features that need an overhaul
(graphics being one of them)

Q: There are much talks about PS3 and OS4. Your thought on that issue?

A: Would make a nice couple. I prefer Kosh type answer *coughs* Especially when I cannot really answer the question...

Q: Will there be a update-service over internet?

A: I suppose there will be things like the boing bags...

Q: Are you planning for new features like bluetooth?

A: No, not right now.

Q: What are your main focus right now?

A: Until today I was working on the shared object support and the Python port. Starting around Monday/Tuesday, I will be working on the
final ISO that is going to become the AmigaOS 4.0 CD

Q: How many people are fully involved in development?

A: Well, the team has about 40 or so developers, but of course, things have slowed down considerably after the Christmas release...

Q: Rogue, so in a grand total, what's your view on the future? Will we pull through? IS there a future for AmigaOS or should we all go home ?

A: It's difficult to say. It depends on a few factors that are out of our reach. However I think that yes, there is a future for AmigaOS...
The time to go home has not come yet, and if I have something to say, it will not come at all. After all, we're still after
World Domination (tm) Mwhahaha *coughs* Nevermind

Q: Any new planned Hyperion game releases for OS4 during 2007?

A: I think Gorky 17 is still planned, no idea about other projects ATM...

Q: Any recomended hw specs for the classic version ? And how much memory is needed?

A: Any PowerPC will do and 128 mb is good enough. 64 MB will work too, but the more the merrier.

Q: Will it be possible to buy OS4 online?

A: No idea really... depends on the stores selling it.

Q: Does hyperion have any interest in porting java or openoffice?

A: Interest: Yes. Resources: nope

Q: How is Hyperion funded?!

A: Good question... The funding is done by the managing partners. Sometimes we do additional third party work.

[22:14] Rogue: Alright I need to go now...
[22:14] Rogue: Thanks for having me

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