New Hardware Designs from ACK Software Controls, Inc. and Amiga, Inc.

Date 23-Apr-2007 5:56:20
Topic: hardware OS4

Issaquah, Wash and Fonthill, ON – April 22, – After months of designs and negotiations Amiga, Inc. and ACK Software Controls, Inc. are pleased to announce that new hardware is on its way for Amiga users.

link to press release

The announcement speaks of two designs:

The first is a consumer entry design that will offer a complete product with a target price point of $500.0

while the second will be of a power design that would have a target price point of $ 1,500.00

According to Bill McEwen (CEO of Amiga Inc) this deal and the previously named products have been months in the making.

ACK and Amiga have spent many months working on designs and working with various manufacturers to create great products with a competitive price point. We will be working with the Amiga retailers over the coming weeks to solidify launch and support plans

The press release also indicates further information is on the way during the following week, so stay tuned for more info.

Manufacturing and final price information along with product launch schedules will be following in the next week.

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