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AmigaWorld - Amiga Community Portal

The answers to AWompetion quiz.

Date 27-Apr-2007 15:41:49
Topic: News

AWompetition is now over, thank you everyone who have participated.

We had fun making the questions, and hope that You had fun answering them.
We will now go through the answers, and plan to announce the winners this coming weekend.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors as well (in no particular order):

DiscreetFX , GGS-Data, Jan Zahurancik (AmiKit), Stephen Fellner (DVPlayer), Darren Eveland (RemoteDesktop), Tomasz Wiszkowski (FryingPan), Robert Williams (Total Amiga) and Andreas Magerl (Amiga Future).

The winner will get a secret bonus prize as well.
(No mousemat )

Here are the correct answers to questions 1 to 19.

Q20 answers now included!


The questions with answers

1. Who hasn't been a member of staff?
A: Sibbi
B: number6
C: Herewegoagain

Answer: B

2. Who won a Micro A1 in a competition here on
A: Mikey_C
B: MikeB
C: Bodie_CI5

Answer: A

3. Whose occupation is: "Pressing business elsewhere"?
A: tonyw
B: olegil
C: saimo

Answer: B

4. Whose signature is this ?
"When replying, please keep it short and sweet, and I will read it. If it is long, I read only the first few lines to decide if I want to read the rest."

A: Carl-S
B: hazydave
C: billmc

Answer: A

5. Who has made most news comments here on
A: Helgis
B: Bodie_CI5
C: Toaks

Answer: C

6. What was the name of the closed support forum for AmigaOne owners here at
A: A1-owners
B: AmigaOne-owners
C: Eyetech-A1-support

Answer: B

7. Which computer was the first one for Sibbi?
A: Commodore 64
B: Sinclair Spectrum ZX
C: Amstrad CPC 464

Answer: B

8. What was the name of Jay Miners dog?
A: Mitch
B: Dakota
C: Sparky

Answer: A

9. Who sang at the Lincoln Center in New York, in July 24, 1985?
A: Madonna
B: Paul Young
C: Debbie Harry

Answer: C

10. Who sold and wrote Termite TCP?
A: GfxBase, Inc
B: Nordic Global
C: Oregon Research

Answer: C

11. When did Microprose release Pirates! ?

A: 1984
B: 1987
C: 1993

Answer: B

12. Who made the game Superfrog?

A: Microprose
B: Team17
C: Bitmap Brothers

Answer: B

13. In which game does this quote belong: "Ergonomically Terrific!" ?
A: Populous II
B: Mega-lo-Mania
C: Monkey Island

Answer: B

14. David Braben created the worlds most well known space trading game. Which machine did he originally create it for?
A: Acorn Electron
B: BBC Model B
C: Sinclair ZX48 Spectrum

Answer: B

15. Which of these machines could display the most colours?
A: C64
B: C16
C: C128

Answer: B

16. Which is not an original Amiga 500 cpu-speed?
A: 7.15909 MHz
B: 7.09379 MHz
C: 7.230421 MHz

Answer: C

17. MegAChip from DKB Software, increases the RAM from 1 meg to 2 meg in Amiga 2000.
Which A2000 motherboard required a trace to be cut to enable the MegAChip?

A: revision 4.3
B: revision 6.2
C: revision 3.8

Answer: A

18. Which model of Amiga featured the Amiga "checkmark" logo?
A: Amiga 500+
B: Amiga 3000
C: Amiga 1000

Answer: C

19. The CDTV shipped with an unreleased flightsim demo. Who made it?
A: D.I.D
B: Domark
C: Psygnosis

Answer: C

Bonus question, can give an extra point:
Which other CD based machine also had a version of this unreleased flightsim?

Answer: FM Towns

(This last question has multiple answers, it can give more than one point, and we want you to motivate the answers to get full points.)

20. Which of the following Amiga motherboards differs to the others and why?
A: CD32
B: A1200
C: A4000

The following answer was the originally chosen correct response, and gains 2 points.

(C) because both the CD32 and A1200 have a codename/song printed on their silkscreen. The A4000 did not feature one on its PCB.

Answers granting an extra point include:
1) A4000 has Zorro slots as standard, the others do not.
2) A1200 has a clockport, the others do not.
3) A4000 shipped with 030/040 as standard, the other two only had 020's.
4) CD32 lacks a harddrive controller, the other two have them integrated
5) A4000 has a battery backed up RTC built in, the others did not.
6) CD32 has an S-Video output the others do not.
7) A1200 has a PCMCIA credit card slot, the other two do not
8) A4000 CPU was mounted on a separate card not on the motherboard, unlike the other two.
9) A4000 featured on board SIMM sockets for ram expansion. The other two require add on cards for adding more ram initially.
10) CD32 has the Akiko chip for chunky to planar operations, the others do not.
11) CD32 shipped with KS3.1 by default (a slightly modified version of 3.1 to be exact)

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