WW2 V3.3 with Updated Graphics

Date 7-May-2007 20:25:25
Topic: Software News

WW2 has been updated with many GUI changes and some updated graphics thanks to Ken Lester!

Grab it from OS4Depot and give it a try.

Major Changes:
- GUI now defaults to moving one unit at a time
- GUI introduced a new "move wheel" which is used to change the size of a move
- Fixed several GUI rendering glitches
- Fixed several bridged move rule violations
- Changed to use Deja Vu typefaces
- Changed to GUI to display overflow units differently
- Removed algorithmic placement of units on gamespaces
- Exported several data sets from internal to XML-based files
- Changed GUI prefs file from IFF to XML
- Replaced most bitmapped graphics with new graphics by Kenneth Lester

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