TALES OF TAMAR - Amiga version with widescreen support

Date 8-May-2007 16:40:59
Topic: Software News

Dear friends of the intensive and ludicrous role-play game,

Once again, our AMIGA-version received a new update. Basically we added the following new features:

Widescreen support for the Amiga
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If you are the lucky owner of an Amiga-Widescreen you are now able to build your screen mode by yourself and utilise it in ToT. You can find a list of screenshots including wide screen support here:


Tuandria, the desert of Elerion

Furthermore we implemented a whole new landscape by adding 40 new map elements. The Desert of Tuandria will complete the game which will remain interesting.

Fixed and new module player, thanks to Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges kindly redid the module player for us and added the support for MOS- and OS4 systems. There always have been playing problems. Thank you very much.

New features:

- Request handling improved
- Implemented map scrolling by using the right mouse key
- Speed improvements for classic systems (approximately 10-20% faster if mini map is displayed, Hires as well)
- Approximately 40 new map-Tiles added (i.e. preparation for Tuandria, the “Desert of Elerion”
- Amiga version supporting Wide screen
- Higher resolutions than 1024*768 are supported
- Module player is playing every 3 minutes from now on (doesn’t bother one that much)
- Hacking protection added
- Server information can now include port information in the option screen
- Lack of Module fixed by adding it
- Screen sizes in high resolution mode are adjustable down to 1024*600. Hence, the speed should be improved on classic-Amiga
- UAE does not start a TCP/IP Stack anymore due to bsdsocket.library anchored in the Kernel
- While registering an account your name will be checked if it is already used in the forum. This is the first time that name check is added
- If the new user has already sent a registration and wants to get to the Init-screen a message will be displayed to first check the mail inbox. This was irritating in the past because of the system freezing while scanning the inbox
- Added a news system (while requesting a game turn the last message of the ‘important messages’ is displayed).
- Bluescreen: The requirements to build structures are now displayed in the requester
- Bluescreen: buildable and non-buildable structures are now displayed in different colours.
- InitScreen: The lack of support of googlemail and hotmail is now already displayed in the client. Furthermore we added an improved support for these providers using pop and smtp: GMX, Lycos, Web.de, Yahoo, Alica, Arcor, Chello, Compuserve, Freenet, Netcologne, Snafu, Tiscali
- lots of bugfixes and surprises

Size: 17.267.654 Bytes

What is up next?
3D map and position dependent goods are finally planned for the next updates.

The entire Team and I wish you much fun at trying the new features…

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