AFAOS 3.96 release

Date 28-May-2007 13:50:49
Topic: Software News


Support 24 bit OS4 Icon save and imagedatatransfer(need for eastern image2icon copyicon)

Appicons of snoopdos and other progs are correct show.

Full working DefIcons and other programs that use global identify Hook

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memloss on NewIcons fixed that have second image but do not set GFLG_GADGHIMAGE

Newicons are convert when copy or fix a Icon Automatic to a OS3.5 glowicon.

Half memory usage of 1 image 32bit PNG/OS4 Icon,because 2. image is calc on select icon show only

Diskfont Lib fix for some Fonts with Tags thanks to Georg Steger (AROS have this fix too)

picture datatype work now 100% (i hope) with palette 1-8 Bit iff pics on CGX and P96 classic Hardware
picture datatype have better 16 bit dither Algo thanks to Thilo Köhler
picture datatype can now scale in readpixel Array(need eastern)

A Patch Program for dopus magellan 5.82 is add in patchprogs folder and allow the use of deficons and eastern.
Note: your old dopus filedetection dont work, so the settings in dopus datatypes are ignored.
You must add new datatypes in deficons or see in AFA iconlib how that can work without deficons

Users of zune and nice boopsi look for wizard Programs(Arteffect etc..)need new files here because picture datatype cause display errors with older zune

redraw without clear mode work now and random failt of nice boopsi look is fix

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