New version of EasyADF

Date 28-May-2007 17:33:30
Topic: Software News

We are pleased to announce a new version of EasyADF is now available.

EasyADF is a application to quickly create/decompress Amiga Disk Files (ADF). ADFs are commonly used with Amiga Emulators such as Amiga Forever and as a format of storing Amiga disks on mediums such as the Internet.

New Features include:

- EasyADF can transfer ADF archives to external drives and RAD: (Recoverable RAM drive)

- EasyADF can now make ADF archives from external floppy disks and RAD: (Recoverable RAM drive)

- EasyADF can be iconfied to an AppIcon on Workbench. ADF, LHA, LZX*, ZIP* archives can be simply dropped over the Appicon and quickly decompressed.

* = requires UNLZX and UNZIP to be in your C drawer (available for Aminet- not included)

- ADF files can now be compressed to ZIP or GZIP archives

- Various bugfixes and optimisations have been made to the program.

Existing customers can obtain the upgrade for free by contacting us through our support system:

EasyADF is exclusive to and part of the EasyADF CF Transfer Kit:


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