Jabberwocky 1.7 released

Date 4-Jun-2007 11:25:46
Topic: Software News

We are happy to announce the availability of Jabberwocky V1.7 for
AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS.

Jabberwocky is a free instant messaging system, with Server modules (transports) allowing cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, etc).

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Changes since version 1.6:
* Changed some MUI includes to be consistant with the rest of the
Jabberwocky sourcecode files.
* Updated copyright notice in catalog files. Updated several string
definitions in Italian catalog translation file.
* Added workaround for OS4 network includes conflict with clib2
network includes. The files & file structure of clib2 network
includes are now different than those defined in the Amiga OS4 includes.
* Disabled vapor_toolkit.library check in the MorphOS build. Latest
MorphOS ships without this lib. MUI4 has its own TextInput.mcc and
does not use this lib.
* Unused variables removed from sources.
* Eliminated unused includes.
* Added OS4 socket library open/close since bsdsocket.library is not
longer automatically opened by standard libauto.
* Added patched muimaster.h include file required for 68k Jabberwocky
* Updated makefile and includes for new OS4 SDK.
* Changed constant definitions for XML ID strings to make them easier
to identify in the Jabberwocky source.
* Added ID attribute to version (jabber:iq:version) requests and
responses for the benifit of other Jabber clients (like Exodus) that
rely on the ID attributes to identify Jabber iq requests.
* Added new functions to retrieve Jabber server agent list using
service discovery methods.
* Added functions to obtain agent information from Jabber server with
service discovery methods.
* Added new constant definitions and function prototype in support of
service discovery methods for obtaining Jabber server agent information.
* Added ID attribute to agent registration XML.
* Made numerous changes to sources in order to implement SASL
authentication required by some new Jabber servers.
* Changed size check in console logger to use size sent in the call.
* Changed size for connection checks to 2 since at least one server
is sending 2 spaces for the checks.
* Added several defines to support SASL authentication.
* Added Jabber namespace definitions not included in Iksemel library.
* Removed unused MSG_CHAT constant and moved MSG_READ constant.
* Added return value of IKS_HOOK to receive function so Jabberwocky
can tell if stream:features is being received following initial
connect header.
* Fixed long standing bug that can cause 68k Jabberwocky enforcer hit
or crash.
* Updated header files for use with new Iksemel library.
* Updated Jabberwocky main sources for use with new Iksemel library.
Numerous changes in return values and function names were made. *
Updated Iksemel library to latest released version and added
necessary Amiga modifications.


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