Allegro for OS4 update

Date 11-Jun-2007 0:00:21
Topic: Software News

Hello everyone.

Well after much hard work I am happy to say that Allegro is now running on OS4. It still needs some work in the optimization department, and to increase the number of games that can be ported it will need some extra libraries to be ported as well. But these can come later in stage 2.

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You may be interested in looking at some screenshots!

Here is a remake of one of my old favorites from the c64, Sword of Fargoal:

Sword of Fargoal

And for those Ghosts & Goblins/Ghouls & Ghosts fans:

Ghouls 'n' Ghosts 1
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts 2

And yes, it's just as damn hard as the originals!!!

Plus of course the obligatory Tetris clone:


I am going to spend this week cleaning up the currently written code and hopefully by next weekend I'll release the above games (and some others) for people to play and to report any problems they find.

Like the SDL port, now that the main work is done, Allegro will continue to be slowly improved over the coming months to make it more robust and usable. The people on the official Allegro mailing list are very helpful and friendly, so I'll get the code into their Subversion repository soon.

Now I have one favor to ask! Good Allegro games are a bit difficult to find! Most of the really good ones don't come with source and many others are either rubbish or are difficult to port. So if you find any really good games that come *with* source, post a URI to this thread, and either I or spotUp or ToAks will take a look at them!

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