Open Video Toaster gets a much needed facelift & now has more code!

Date 20-Jun-2007 4:41:24
Topic: Announcement

Thanks to the hard work of Tom Richard, the Open Video Toaster website has gotten a much needed face lift. Also, more code is now available on the site thanks to great, long time Amiga Video Toaster Flyer developer ProWave (Bill Evans). The original promotional video given away by NewTek to sell the Video Toaster is now on the site. Since this video was NTSC, many Amiga owners in Europe and other countries that use PAL or SECAM never got to enjoy this VHS video.

DiscreetFX and NewTek are providing this code to the Amiga community to say thanks for your support.

DiscreetFX hosts this code to show apprication of NewTek's long and rich heritage. Amiga fans are free to download, study, & hack away on it and enjoy. This important piece of coding history could have been lost if it was not for NewTek, Bill Evans and DiscreetFX. The CEO of DiscreetFX made it a point to hunt this down for many years and get it released!

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