Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4

Date 11-Apr-2003 6:47:06
Topic: Hardware News

For you who can't read Swedish, the release of AOS4 for CSPPC is drawing closer. Hyperion have found a reliable repair shop repariting broken Cyberstorms for them. Read more for SlimJim's additional comments.

GGS-data announcement (in Swedish). Intertran
(free online text/webpage translations into many languages)

Hyperion is making an offer to relay the broken boards of GGS's (and other scandinavian resellers') customers to this repair shop. This relay-offer will rotate between the various Amiga dealers of the world so as not to swamp the repair shop. First off are the Scandinavian resellers.

GGS is now asking people to send in their broken CSPPC:s to them for batch-sending to Hyperion. The price is 1250 SEK (135 euro). If the card cannot be repaired within 3 months, it will be returned by Hyperion at no cost.

If you are an interested Scandinavian (or just really, really impatient), contact GGS data at GGS contact form (Other Scandinavian resellers should have got the same offer)

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