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Hardware News   Hardware News : Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
   posted by SlimJim on 10-Apr-2003 22:23:29 (2759 reads)
For you who can't read Swedish, the release of AOS4 for CSPPC is drawing closer. Hyperion have found a reliable repair shop repariting broken Cyberstorms for them. Read more for SlimJim's additional comments.

GGS-data announcement (in Swedish). Intertran
(free online text/webpage translations into many languages)

Hyperion is making an offer to relay the broken boards of GGS's (and other scandinavian resellers') customers to this repair shop. This relay-offer will rotate between the various Amiga dealers of the world so as not to swamp the repair shop. First off are the Scandinavian resellers.

GGS is now asking people to send in their broken CSPPC:s to them for batch-sending to Hyperion. The price is 1250 SEK (135 euro). If the card cannot be repaired within 3 months, it will be returned by Hyperion at no cost.

If you are an interested Scandinavian (or just really, really impatient), contact GGS data at GGS contact form (Other Scandinavian resellers should have got the same offer)

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Re: Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
Posted on 11-Apr-2003 12:35:17
# ]

I tried that Intertran thing, that's the worst translation it could come up with. Here's what I get:

Gothenburg 2003-04-10
Have you one ragged CyberStormPPC and should want the mended, t.ex for that kunna wheel AmigaOS 4 when the appearing?
We have today gotten followings insert from Hyperion !

OS 4 for CyberStormPPC am approaching and wes am counting with relevance within any weekly. We will therefore impart yourself as ev had one ragged and ickefungerande CyberStorm this offer. We have find a trustworthy and capable mechanics, as already had mended a bit CyberStormPPC ate ourselves.
- Corrective maintenance of one CyberStormPPC within 3 month for celebrated Europe 135:- inkl freight (OBS: is approx: SEK 1250.
- If nots card able repair within 3 month, am arriving the that return of Hyperion kostnadsfritt.

For that nots mechanics bark become överhopad with short, so am arriving this offer walk about among they various resell. Only out is Swede and Scandinavian uses.
Is this anything as you will know is interested of, so requests wes yourself that hear of yourself to ourselves on GGS-Data within the next so that wes able hoard all in short send into a parcel to Hyperion. And for deed that data forth, if yous t.ex vet ors feels any as should product interested of this. The able valid both Swede såväl as uses from övriga Scandinavian countries.
Am wondering yous multi circumstances, so am going the good that hear of themselves via epic ors ring up. Kontaktinfo find on ours ghastly.

Click on 'Kontakta oss' in vänsterkolumnen for insert if epic ors ring up!


Well, it's good for a laugh

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Re: Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
Posted on 11-Apr-2003 13:18:43
# ]

I took the liberty to do a quick translation of the text. Note that it was done in a hurry but it should be readable enough.


Do you have a broken CyberStormPPC and want it repaired, such as for the reason to run AmigaOS4 when it is released?

We have received the following information from Hyperion.

The release date of OS 4 for CyberStormPPC is closing in and we expect a first release within a few weeks. Therefore we would like to give those with a broken or otherwise non functional CyberStorm card the following offer. We have found a reliable repair shop that already has repaired a few CyberStormPPCs for us.

- Repairing of a CyberStormPPC within 3 months for ?135 including cargo and shipping costs. (About 1250 SEK).
- If the repair could not be done within 3 months, we (Hyperion) will return it with no cost.

This offer will be circulated between resellers so that the repair shop isn't going to get swamped with damaged cards. The swedish and scandinavian resellers will be the first in line for this offer.

If you are interrested in this offer then please contact GGS-Data as soon as possible so that we can collect as many cards as possible and send them to Hyperion. Please pass on this informaion if you know others who might be interrested in this offer. The offer through GGS-Data only applies to swedish users and users from other nordic countries.

If you have any questions about this offer, please contact us by email or phone using the contact information on our homepage.


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Re: Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
Posted on 11-Apr-2003 13:34:52
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Jan-2003
Posts: 3270
From: Charlotte, NC

Thanks for the translation Orgin. Sounds like OS4 is about ready for release on the CSPPC anyway.

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Re: Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
Posted on 11-Apr-2003 16:37:59
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 24-Dec-2002
Posts: 2630
From: Glasgow, UK

Great news, hopefully OS4 for the A1 won't be long behind it.


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Re: Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
Posted on 12-Apr-2003 12:47:46
#5 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 18-Dec-2002
Posts: 5647
From: Italy

Good idea


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Re: Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
Posted on 13-Apr-2003 18:38:18
#6 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 7-Apr-2003
Posts: 105
From: Italy

and what about BlizzardPPC;

OK, 4.0 could not work on them but a friend of mine would like to have his board repaired by someone...

uA1 750Gx AmigaOS 4.1 u6
512 MB
HD 120GB + HD 20GB
DVDRom + DVDWriter
WNCE2001 wifi adapter

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