Support for disks over 128GB in new 4xEIDE'99 buffered interface

Date 31-Jul-2007 0:38:59
Topic: Hardware News

ELBOX COMPUTER is pleased to announce the LBA-48 addressing support in new 4xEIDE'99 buffered interfaces for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600 computers.

LBA-48 support is necessary for handling disks over 128GB, which are currently the most popular hard drives on the market. Up to now, FastATA controllers were the only controllers for classic Amiga supporting EIDE hard drives over 128GB.

New 4xEIDE'99 buffered interfaces with new software supporting disks over 128GB are just available in Elbox Online Store and from distributors of Elbox products.

Package contents:
- 4xEIDE'99 buffered interface
- Floppy disk with 4xEIDE.driver ver. 4.0 and AllegroCDFS ver.3.6

New software with LBA-48 support is planned to be made available free of charge for registered users of older 4xEIDE'99 buffered interfaces - it will be announced when is available.

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