Music: Second album from Psyria in all stores now / profit play

Date 11-Aug-2007 12:19:57
Topic: Announcement

Since yesterday (10.08.07) it is so far.

"The 2. chapter", the new album from Psyria, which was produced completely with the Amiga, is availble in all good sorts music stores as well as on all well-known internet music download portals, now.
For previews and more, please visit Psyria's homepage

Furthermore there is a handsigned copy of the new CD from Psyria to win. The following question applies to answer it:
"How is the name from the fourth title of the new album, The 2. chapter ?"

Please send your answer with the topic "CD" to : music _(at)_
Closing date is the 17.08.07.

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